A community-controlled Javascript object


To include anarchy.js, paste this code into the <head> section of your HTML page. Don't worry, anarchy.js is filtered for XSS attacks and bad words.

<script src="" defer></script>


anarchy.js uses the anarchy() or window.anarchy() function to run and return either a random or specified method.

anarchy(); // Runs a random anarchy.js method
var x = anarchy(); // Runs and returns a random anarchy.js method
anarchy.method(); // Runs a specific anarchy.js method (replace "method()" with your method)
var x = anarchy.method(); // Runs and returns a specific anarchy.js method (replace "method()" with your method)


Anyone can add a method to the anarchy object. This method should have Javascript code which will run when a user calls the function:


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Using bad words or XSS attacks in your code or name can get you banned.


To run anarchy.js on any site, you can drag this button to your bookmarks bar and click it on another site to run anarchy:

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